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Friday, December 09, 2005

Where Da 360s At?

Where Da 360s At?

"Facing harsh criticism from gamers who have been unable to get their hands on Microsoft's next-gen console, a spokesman for the company has issued the following statement to the gaming press:

'Blatant lies are circulating about the Xbox 360's launch, and it's quite disturbing. People are saying we haven't been able to produce an adequate number of systems, that retail stores have no idea when to expect additional shipments, and that we are utterly incompetent when it comes to predicting supply and demand. This is simply not true. According to our calculations, we have already produced and shipped enough Xbox 360s for every man, woman, and shemale on Earth that wants to buy one. What's happening is the consumer is simply not looking hard enough. There are tons of systems out there, but they're probably just out of sight at the back of the shelf. Sometimes they also get pushed over behind other items on the shelves next to them, so it looks like there are no Xboxes but there are actually a bunch of them right behind that leopard skin steering wheel cover.'" [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
lol no i would have to go with there are none, they arent hiding  

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