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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Xbox 360 power supply dunked in water... (Xbox 360 annoyance #006)

Xbox 360 power supply dunked in water to prove it’s damned big (Xbox 360 annoyance #006)

"Tonight we conducted an experiment. Inspired by the picture of an Xbox 360 power brick displayed next to a GameCube, we submersed both an Xbox 360 power brick and a GameCube in water to conduct a volume test. Don’t worry. Each was safely wrapped in plastic.


1. Fill a small trash bin with water
2. Take note of the water level (indicated by a millimeter rule taped to the inside of the bin)
3. Put electronic object into waterproof plastic bag, submerge in water
4. Take new reading of water level
5. Remove object from water, replenish water to pre-submersion level
6. Measure how much water is required to bring water to post-submersion level
7. Convert liters to cubic meters (using this tool)


* Xbox 360 power supply: 1300 cubic cm (43% of a GameCube’s volume)
* GameCube: 3050 cubic cm (235% larger than an Xbox 360 power supply)
* iPod Shuffle: 17.5 cubic cm (using measurments on Apple site)
* iPod Nano: 24.8 cubic cm
* iPod: 69.3 cubic cm" [more]

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