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Friday, December 16, 2005

Xbox 360 Sell-Out Is Impossible

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Xbox 360 Sell-Out Is Impossible

"This was taken a day after the Japan launch on late Sunday afternoon at Yodobashi Camera in Osaka. There isn’t even close to a dent in their behemoth stock of consoles. I was thinking about going back today or tomorrow. But on second thought, what’s the point? The song’ll be the same, only the verse different.

Everyone in America and Europe without a console that wants one, my heart goes out to you. Really.

The store was packed with tons of Christmas shoppers. Few, if any, were there for a Xbox 360 unfortunately. Things should pick up when Dead or Alive 4 is released. Or next year when Ninety Nine Nights comes out. But, by then Msoft’s gonna be playing catch up. And in 2006, it could get real ugly, real fast." [link]

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