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Friday, December 09, 2005

"Xbox 360 will blow it" - says the Japanese

"Xbox 360 will blow it" - says the Japanese

"The first Xbox managed to impress almost nodoby on Japanese soil. Or, if you rather hear it this way, it did manage to make a fool of itself. Now, Microsoft gets ready to relase its new console and the hopes are high. Will the 360 manage to turn the Japanese from their PlayStation obsession? Will the new PS3 be made K.O. by Bill's electronic toy? Yeah right!

The latest market studies say otherwise than Microsoft was expecting. The techincal issues Xbox 360 has been having, the short list of available games in Japan, the overall inferiority of the american console as compared to Sony future gizmo, all these factors have contributed in lowering everybody's level of Xbox 360 desire.

Here are some numbers. Last month the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) released the results of a survey it took during September's Tokyo Game Show 2005. 23 percent of participants were interested in the Xbox 360, 20.9 percent chose to wait the Nintendo Revolution. As for Sony's PlayStation 3, this one was expected by 70% of showgoers. Need an aspirin, Bill?" [link]

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