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Saturday, January 07, 2006

CES 2006: Sony PS3 Controller Redesign

CES 2006: Sony PS3 Controller Redesign

"The Sony PlayStation 3 video game console might have some final changes before it launches this year.

The Sony PlayStation3 hardware was showcased in a glass case at Sony's Consumer Electronics Show booth, which was entitled, 'Conceptual Design'.

PlayStation 3 has not changed so far, atleast for what we know. However, the PS3 controller is expected to undergo some major revisions and was absent from Sony's display case. Many gamers didn't like the boomer-rang PlayStation 3 control design, however, like anything new it just take's time on getting used to. Sony does have a reputation on listening to PS3 fans on what they want, so perhaps this is the reason for the redesign.

Located at the Sony booth was also some pre-production footage, which some footage we already seen from the annual E3 2005 video game conference. They also had footage of some games that are currently in PS3 development. If the games look as good as what we saw, then we are in for some exciting graphics for this console.

There was also a demonstration on Sony's Blu-ray disc technology, which will be used in the PlayStation 3." [more]

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