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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stringer's CES Keynote Quiet On PS3 Announcements

Stringer's CES Keynote Quiet On PS3 Announcements

"At an opening day keynote at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony Corporation Chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer discussed Sony's plans for 2006, including the release of the PlayStation 3, the integration of the firm's LocationFree technology into the PlayStation Portable, and its vision of the "virtual multimedia world of tomorrow."

Though previously announced, the keynote gave a brief demonstration of Sony's LocationFree TV technology - a device that enables local broadcast viewing worldwide via an internet connection - running on a PSP unit. The technology, says Sony, will allow users to, for example, watch American television programs from London. "Though why would you want to?" joked Welsh wit Stringer.

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Kaz Hirai joined Stringer toward the end of the discussion to show video footage of PlayStation 3 software in action, which included some previously-seen footage, but a number of new unspecified titles, with the mix including Sony's own Formula 1 title, the dragon-related Lair project by Factor 5, and a behind-the-plane shooter." [more]

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