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Saturday, January 14, 2006

IBM’s renewed Cell collaboration with Sony pressures Intel

IBM’s renewed Cell collaboration with Sony pressures Intel

"Macinteltosh is small beer compared with the PS3

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWHILE THE PRESS brouhaha happily follows Apple about and co-conspirator Intel looks on, smugly hoping its tie-up with the much-loved computer maker will bring it some added kudos in its assault on the consumer electronics market, IBM, the giant ousted from the party, is getting on with business.

Big Blue may have been dumped by Apple but its compensation is plentiful. Its Power chips form the heart of upcoming console offerings from Sony and Nintendo as well as the XBox from Microsoft.

And let's face it, the press might like Apple and the kids might dig iTunes but sales of a million or so computers annually is pretty small beer in the grand scheme of things.

Paul Otellini may don a bunny suit to woo the Macistas but you can bet he'd don the apparel of a Geisha if Sony came a-courtin'.

And so it came to pass that, yesterday, IBM announced plans to extend its collaboration with Sony and Toshiba to produce a second generation Cell processor.

The trio has embarked on a second five-year stint of collaborative effort, after the first five-year deal culminated in the development of the Cell Processor which will power the upcoming Playstation 3.

This week the first Cell Technology “evaluation systems” were announced by US firm Mercury Computer Systems. IBM had already delivered Linux development tools for the Cell. Now, as part of the fresh agreement with its Japanese partners, IBM will guide the Power-based Cell architecture towards a 32 nanometer process, "and beyond"." [more]

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