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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wal-Mart Opens Doors on Revolution, PS3 Sites

Wal-Mart Opens Doors on Revolution, PS3 Sites

"You know a console has to be getting closer to launch when Wal-Mart opens its product page for the item.

The killer of small town America and everything over-priced has officially launched its webpages for the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution. Granted, all either page does so far is give you the specs from last year’s E3, but it’s something." [more]

Anonymous PSP Games
Hers just 4 reasons why waiting for the PS3 well worth it.

1. cell processoer will give it artificial intelligence and ability to make its own games, thats right it will make up new games while it is running

2. bluray will replace TIVO, VCR, DVD, Laser-Disk, tape caseettes, etc. You will be able to store your entire movie collection on the ps3 with a hidden internal hard drive

3. the games will be so immersive and awesome that you willbe able to interact with in them and feel it (maybe with special controller)

4. it will be better than anything Microsoft and Ninentdo come up with for the next five years maybe longer  

Anonymous Anonymous
the walmart ps3 and revolution pages have been up for a LONG time u idiots  

Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah Playstation is better. More bang for your BUCK$$$  

Anonymous Anonymous
Wow it's like this site is never updated. They still call it the revoloution instead of Wii. But yeah PS3 rocks.  

Anonymous PSP PAD
PS3 definetly rocks, i think it's going to win the nex gen war for sure  

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Anonymous Anonymous
Ping By [...]You know a console has to be getting closer to launch when Wal-Mart opens its product page for the item.[...]  

Anonymous Anonymous
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Anonymous Anonymous
This monster Buy Diablo 3 items connected with small town North america in addition to anything over-priced possesses formally released its web pages for that Ps3 slim and Developers Trend. Granted, almost all often webpage achieves this considerably is actually provideGuild Wars 2 Gold kaufen the specifications via very last year’s E3, nevertheless it’s a thing."  

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