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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Xbox 360 shortages continue to plague US retailers

Xbox 360 shortages continue to plague US retailers

"GameStop yet to fulfil launch date pre-orders

Despite continued reassurances of a steady retail supply from Microsoft, US retailers continue to suffer shortages, with GameStop yet to fulfil approximately 30 per cent of its launch day pre-orders for the Xbox 360 console.

According to videogames website Gamespot, an internal memo from GameStop informed retail staff that almost 70 per cent of pre-orders for the next-generation console had now been completed. The company expects to complete all remaining pre-orders during February, furthering the disappointment of hundreds of eager games fans who had hoped to receive their console at the time of launch in November, 2005.

According to the source at GameStop, an increasing number of the lower-priced Core System units (shipped with a wired controller and lacking a hard drive) have begun to appear on store shelves for immediate purchase, though the majority of customers appear to be holding out for the more comprehensive package, which includes a number of additional peripherals for USD 399." [more]

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