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Sunday, May 22, 2005

PS3 2 Teraflops vs. Xbox 360 1 Teraflop

Ultimate AV: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo: HD @ E3

"Sony's new PlayStation 3, which is based on a new processor called Cell that was jointly developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. With a computational speed of 2 teraflops (2 trillion floating-point operations per second), Cell is being touted as a super computer on a chip. Accompanying the Cell CPU is a new graphics processor, code named RSX, which is the result of a collaborative effort by NVIDIA and Sony. Also included in the PS3 is a BD-ROM drive to play Blu-ray Disc ROM titles.


Microsoft announced the latest version of their game console, the Xbox 360. It's powered by a custom PowerPC-based CPU that can perform up to 1 teraflop, and it also has HD capabilities—16:9 720p or 1080i."

Do the math. 2 > 1. Here is a chart if that helps...

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