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Friday, May 20, 2005

PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - Development Environments

Here's why Playstation 3 ( PS3 ) NOT easier to program than Xbox 360 | News by Gamer Lounge

"Microsoft says that through the use of the XNA tools, it takes approximately one week to port PC applications to the Xbox 360, which ought to be a boon to developers.

Microsoft already stated that their controllers will work on both PC and Xbox 360. Programmers do not have to change their game engine when they port a game over from PC to Xbox 360 and vice-versa. If a PC gaming company is smart, they would port ALL their games to Xbox 360 that doesn't use the keyboard too much.

Xbox 360 DirectX API is more common to the gaming industry than OpenGL which is what Playstation 3 uses. There is a larger learning curve for Playstation 3 developers. However, big companies like EA can easily build a game for both consoles. Due to their large staff size.

If a game publisher choose NOT to release a game on Xbox 360, it will not be because of programming difficulties. It will be due to exclusive agreements with another suitor like Sony."

The only problem with these statements is they don't reflect that OpenGL is an industry standard developed openly by the 3D graphics community. The development tools that PS3 uses have been around for quite sometime and should not prove to be a challenge to developers. If Sony's developers held out with the PS2 development kit which is alledgedly one of the most challenging packages to work with, the PS3 dev kit should prove somewhat refreshing.

More to come on this topic.

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