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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Super Mario 128 headed to Revolution

Super Mario 128 headed to Revolution

By: Richard Allen

In an interview with Wired Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed Mario 128 for the Nintendo revolution. Originally this game was being developed as a launch title for the GameCube, but beyond the original prototype images (above and link below) the game was never completed and disappeared from the Nintendo landscape. The Mario 128 prototype was reportedly to be a puzzle game. Now this game is being developed as a true followup to ever popular blockbuster, Super Mario 64. Shigeru confirms that this installment will have unique gameplay mechanics. At this point there is little news to go on since Nintendo is being very tight lipped about this title.

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Anonymous Taco Bell Boy
I love Taco Bell, This game will rock....yea!!  

Anonymous ChickFilaMan
Taco Bell? Chick Fila is far superior.
I can't wait for some real screen shots.
Nintendo is the pimp shizzle.

Eat More Chicken BIATCH!  

Anonymous Taco Bell Boy
Yea Nintendo will always be loved. Some real screenshot or game footage would be nice but might be a little early for that.

Burrito's rock!!  

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