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Monday, June 13, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller Images - Is this the real McCoy?

Image Source:

Nintendo Revolution Controller Images - Is this the real McCoy?

By: Richard Allen

Some photos are floating around the internets about Nintendo's very secretive Revolution controller. At first glance this controller does contain the features Nintendo has been speaking of: Gyroscope (didn't we have enough of that with R.O.B.?), Haptic Tactile Touch Screen and the Squeeze buttons on the back. One glaring ommission is a lack of a D-Pad and a secondary Analog stick. I supppose the touch pad could suffice for those functions, but I am thinking these images are fakes.

Source: Nintendo Revolution - The Controller

Blogger Blunt
Did you hear anything about the helmet they are coimg out with for the Revolution?? Remind you of anything?  

Anonymous Anonymous
Looks odd.

How about R.O.B. for the Revolution. Go Old School!  

Blogger martoon
helmet? what, like a VirtualBoy?  

Anonymous Anonymous
Looks like an altered Dreamcast controller  

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