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Monday, June 13, 2005

Steve Jobs talkin' trash on the Cell Processor (PS3)

Apple boss attacks Cell processor

"Apple boss rejected Cell processor over poor performance.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, has reportedly rejected using Sony's Cell processor because it offered poor performance when compared to its competitors.

Jobs met with Ken Kutaragi, SCE president, last year to discuss using the Cell chip in Apple hardware, but reportedly knocked back the Cell chip after being left disappointed by its performance. Jobs felt that PowerPC processor, as used in the Xbox 360, would offer better performance than the Cell.

This news spreads further doubt over the power of the PlayStation 3 which is to use the Cell Processor. The Xbox 360 is to contain a triple core PowerPC processor. This comes after earlier news claiming that the ATI graphics chip in the Xbox 360 will outperform NVIDIA's RSX inside the PlayStation 3."

The thing I do not understand is why Apple moved from the PowerPC. Apple states it's due to speed, but all 3 nextgen consoles will support the PowerPC technology. At this point 3.2Ghz processors aren't the fastest in the bunch, but it's certainly no slouch. I would assume this is a humble beginning for this new stage in the PowerPC's life.

By next Christmas, I bet the console market would have delivered more PowerPC chips to the marketplace then Apple ever did.

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