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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Playstation 3 RSX GPU Details Emerge PS3

Playstation 3 PSX graphic details exposed

"300 million trannies, 550MHz clock at 90 nanometres

WE MANAGED to get some juicy technical details about the next generation Playstation 3 RSX graphic engine. We learned that Nvidia's RSX is going to have 300 millions of transistors which is supposed to be the highest number for a graphic processor till now. We know that ATI's R520 will have even more but we suspect that the Xbox 360, R500 will have less than that.

Nvidia's RSX will be clocked at 550MHz and is designed on 90 nm marchitecture. It's going to be manufactured in Sony's Nagasaki Fab2 facility as well as at OTSS. The OTSS is a joint fab venture between Sony and Toshiba. Both companies are closely in bed because of its "Cell" marchitecture.

The evidence is that Sony speeded up its plans as it's focused to bring its Playstation 3 in spring while its original plan was to have this console ready for Yule 2006. It has to fight the XboX360 console which is likely to become available in October, already.

Sony is a nasty hard player and won't give up without a scrap."

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