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Friday, June 10, 2005

Massive Multiplayer coming to PS3 (Sony, SOE & Blizzard)

Massive Multiplayer coming to PS3

Console Market has the most potiental for expanding the MMO genre.

By: Richard Allen

It appears that both Sony (Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, PlanetSide, etc.) and Blizzard (World of Warcraft) will bring Massive Multiplayer gaming to the PS3. EGM (May 2005) confirms that Blizzard is going to be developing a MMORPG. Also you can see on Blizzard's website that they are actively hiring Console staff (Blizzard Jobs). On the Sony side, it seems they will be creating an action-oriented persistent world. Sony was the first to the marketplace with PlanetSide a true MMOFPS. PlanetSide is a cult hit supporting tens of thousands of players. Bringing a game simular to PlanetSide to the PS3 would give all the players on that platform a uniform system to work from, which should help with issues such as lag. Sony is looking to make their MMO's cross platform so PC and PS3 players can combat each other.

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