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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cell processor to be revealed to Open Source community

Cell processor details to be revealed

"IBM is planning to reveal details on Cell to help support open-source computing designs.

IBM is set to support open-source computing designs by revealing key details of its Cell processor. The processor which is being co-designed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba is set to power Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 console. IBM is going to great lengths to ensure developers can write software for the processor, charging them no licensing fees.

Jim Kahle, IBM's lead designer for Cell, commented on the company's decision to reveal details on the processor saying that they will effectively 'donate four years' worth of intellectual property to the open-source community.'

While the PlayStation 3 is set to be the most high-profile use of the Cell processor, it will be used in many other electrical devices, including supercomputers and military devices."

This will definitly get the Cell and PS3 off to the right start. Liscensing and patents could kill the Video Game market due to high competition.

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