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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Trinigy Pledges Xbox 360 Support

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Trinigy Pledges Xbox 360 Support

"Trinigy GmbH, a market-leading independent developer of 3D Games Middleware, today announced that future versions of the Vision Game Engine will fully support Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft version of the Vision engine is the first of the new platform versions that Trinigy will release in the scope of its next generation strategy. Since the company has been able to obtain an Xbox 360 development kit at an early stage, the engine version for the new game console is already fairly advanced. “The universal design and the comprehensive set of platform-specific features and optimisations makes the Next-Gen version of Vision an ideal platform for Xbox 360 developers”, explains Trinigy’s managing director Dag Frommhold. “Vision allows developers to easily utilise the impressive performance and feature set of Microsoft’s nextgeneration game platform while at the same time saving development time and money.”

Tracey Frankcom, Program Manager at Microsoft’s Xbox Advanced Technology Group, is similarly enthusiastic about the new Vision engine. “We were truly impressed with Trinigy’s powerful technology and their coherent and ambitious plans for Xbox 360. We are convinced that already the first Xbox 360 titles based on the Vision Game Engine will set new standards in terms of visual quality and realism.”

With the help of a consistent multi-platform strategy, Trinigy plans to further increase its international market share. At the moment, more than twenty-five game projects are already based on the Vision technology, with the portfolio ranging from first-person shooters over strategy games to massively multiplayer online games. Screenshots of current Vision-based projects can be found on the Trinigy homepage. "

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Blogger geek-man
dude x-box 360 all the way! Check out my gamers blog  

Blogger D.Vader
Dood! Dood! Dood!

PS3 all the way! Don't you want the most powerful hardware on the market?

You think that 1 Teraflop X360 can hold a candle to the 2 Teraflop PS3?

Thanks for the comment man!  

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