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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Xbox 360 Games $60? EA Games $70?

Xbox 360 Games to Cost $60

"Tired of the pricing rumors for next-generation videogames, specifically the Xbox 360 titles shipping later this year, DailyGame contacted several retailers to get to the bottom of the pricing conversation.

Will Electronic Arts charge $70 for next-gen games, as Sega executives surmised earlier this year (read one DailyGame columnist's reaction)? Will prices stay the same in the next generation? According to several Electronics Boutique outlets, the answer is somewhere in between.

Although EB could not confirm final pricing, the company's most-recent pricing guide shows Xbox 360 games costing $60. Likewise, final pricing information was not available for the Xbox 360 console itself, but the retailers said '$300 to $350 is the best ballpark I can give you right now.'"

EA is really starting to tick me off. They buy out small developers, then they throw out any projects that don't seem to fit the best seller mold. Now it seems there are rumors that they will charge $70 per game. Don't companies compete any more?

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