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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kutaragi makes more Xbox 360 digs

Kutaragi makes more Xbox 360 digs
"PlayStation father makes more sly comments about the Xbox 360.

Ken Kutaragi has been at it again. Keen to put down Microsoft's Xbox 360 at every opportunity, he has once again given his opinion on the new console, this time in an interview with Japanese tech site Watch Impress.

Ken was asked to compare the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. 'This time, Microsoft has stated clearly that it is going after the PlayStation,' said Ken. 'However, they're going not after the PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 2. They were looking at 2, and that's why [the Xbox 360] became like that.'

While it's unlikely that he would have said anything too positive about his Rival's next console, the endless digs are becoming a little childish. To hammer home his point he pulled out the, now famous, Xbox 1.5 joke, saying that: 'One famous reporter let slip, Xbox is 1.5, the PS [3] is more than I was expecting, so it's 3.5. That's the difference.'

When will the childish bickering end? I doubt it will be anytime soon."

Now all I have to say here is if Sony's bark does match their bite, they may just be exceptionally confident.

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Blogger Blunt
I mean does he really think all the trash talking is going to help things?? Let the systems talk.  

Blogger D.Vader
It's been a trash talk fest. I doubt if it will ever end. It never did with the last gen.  

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