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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nintendo Revolution News Trickle

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Nintendo Revolution Slighty Clarified
"Backward compatibility, back-catalogue of classic games, but forward-thinking stuff is still under wraps

Nintendo officially unveiled their Revolution console in Japan today, releasing some interesting new details regarding the console itself and its functionality. As previously rumored, the Revolution will support GameCube controllers and peripherals, so backward compatibility with GameCube games will be no big issue for existing Cube owners. The Revolution controller, touted as the main 'revolution' of the whole deal, unfortunately remains a mystery and will continue to be so until sometime later this year when Nintendo thinks we're finally as cool as they are or something.

According to Cube IGN, the Revolution will sport about 512MB of free internal flash memory that gamers can use to store data like game saves, console firmware, and downloadable games and demos (those sound like some small demos). Should the 512MB prove insufficient, additional storage is made possible thanks to Secure Digital memory card media support. Data stored on the removable SD cards can also be transferred onto your computer for... something useful, we assume. Perhaps the converse functionality is true as well. Anti-piracy measures will be put into effect to prevent unauthorized distribution of Revolution files through the PC and internet, but no concrete details were released regarding this."

More of the same that we have heard, but the small tid-bit about the Anti-Piracy measures and verified Game Cube compatability. Image above shows the GameCube controller ports.

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