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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Epic has first 'PlayStation 3 hardware'

Epic has first 'PlayStation 3 hardware'

"WE READ quite an interesting document about Nvidia's RSX processor and upcoming Playstation 3 gaming console. Despite many people believing that Sony's decision to announce some of the Playstation 3 details at E3 was pure reaction to the XboX 360, it turns out that Sony might be more ready than we all could thought.

Some top notch game developers such as Epic gamers have already received their first Playstation 3 hardware. This occurred about two and a half months ago. Sony is definitely after the content as it needs as many cool games as possible. Epic is sure one of the companies that can supply some cool games. We saw cool looking Unreal Tournament 2007 announcement at E3, but we don’t know is this game for Playstation 3 or not. We heavily suspect yes, as we know that Epic is extremely close to Nvidia the graphic chip provider of Playstation 3.

The big Japanese company with an American CEO is after Microsoft's Xbox 360 and first reports imply that the Xbox360 console is going to be launched in October. We already reported that Sony Playstation 3 is going to be available in Spring 2006 but we don’t know whether Sony is going to launch first in Japan and then US and Europe or in all regions at once. This will heavily depend on console availability, as Sony already had availability issues with its super doper Playstation portable console. It launched Playstation Portable, PSP at Japan at the end of last year following with March launch in US but is still to launch it in Old Lady Europe on September 1st 2005.

If Microsoft manages to ship XboX 360, it might gain as much as six months advantage over Sony Playstation 3. This availability game is even more interesting if you know that XboX 360 has an ATI R500 chip in charge of graphic while Playstation 3 runs Nvidia RSX chip. In the end it comes to ATI in bed with Microsoft versus Nvidia in bed with Sony. "

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