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Monday, June 13, 2005

Nintendo Programmer Leaks Revolution Specifications?

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Nintendo Programmer Leaks Revolution Specifications?

By: Richard Allen

According to a Nintendo blog, Nintendo Centrium, an alleged "Nintendo programmer" has leaked the much sought after specs for the next generation Nintendo. According to reports this programmer was contracted by Nintendo to work on a DS game and the company has a 12 month contract with Nintendo. Some how the programmer came accross this information and emailed it to the blog owner.

  • Dual (2x) G5 1.8GHZ CPUS (Not 2X Core)
  • Uses copper Technology for less heat
  • 512K L2 Cache
  • 1200 MHZ Front Side Bus (Note: Xbox 360’s FSB 1000 MHz)
  • 600MHz GPU with 12MB Embedded 1T SRAM – 2x Pipes 4x T read?
  • 128MB 1T SRAM MAIN MEMORY 600 MHz (L3 Cache to CPU and GPU)
  • 256MB 400MHZ NEC Design Embedded DRAM
  • Embedded 16-BIT HD 7.1 Digital sound chip
  • Dedicated sound bandwidth with zero affect on CPU
  • 6GB HD Dual Layer Panasonic Discs
  • 3:1 balance ratio between CPU and RAM
  • 1:1 balance ratio between GPU and RAM

Now this is rumor at this point. Also don't get dual CPUs mixed up with multiple cores. Dual CPU's do give more processing power, but it's generally not double. You loose some processing power with the latency between the CPUs. Also as reported earlier, the Revolution will not support any Hi-Def standards at this time.

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