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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Itagaki Wants HD-DVD in Xbox 360

Itagaki Wants HD-DVD in Xbox 360

"With a laugh, he states that he wishes the system would have used the HD-DVD format, but he realizes that this would be difficult due to time issues. Still, given some of the merits of using pre-rendered movies, he expresses disappointment that developers may be limited in mixing movies with gameplay.

Itagaki has more positive comments regarding Xbox Live. He expects more users to log on to play Dead or Alive 4 than did Dead or Alive Ultimate. Because just about everyone will be able to connect to Xbox Live, it will be easy to make Online components a central part of the game. The Xbox Live features of Dead or Alive 4 will be advanced well beyond Ultimate, he promises, enough to even make you wonder if you're playing a fighting game."

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