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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New PGR 3 Images [YEAH!]

Image Source:

New PGR 3 Images [YEAH!]

"Brings a tear to my eyes to see a baby game growing up infront of me. It's just... so beautiful. I remember the announcement of Project Gotham 3 like it was just yesterday and now it's beginning to grow up into a mature game infront of our eyes.

Behold some new images!" [more]

PGR3 so far seems to be the most impressive title for Xbox 360 at least visually. Hopefully it runs faster then 30 frames per second.

Blogger Blunt
at E3 they were saying it should easily hit 60 FPS...I'm not making this up Douche.  

Blogger D.Vader
There is some talk of these images only representing 30 fps. The gears of war demo was 30 fps. There is plenty of time to work it out.

But if you going to believe everything you hear at E3, then you have to admit the Killzone footage was real!  

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