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Friday, July 29, 2005

Slimline PlayStation 2 for £60 - 360 Spoiler Looms

Slimline PlayStation 2 for £60 - 360 Spoiler Looms

"Retail sources speaking exclusively to SPOnG have suggested that Sony is poised to slash the price of the slimline PlayStation 2 to between £60 and £70 in the UK this Christmas, provoking what could be the most bountiful holiday season for shoppers in some time.

It was also claimed that Nintendo will make a similar move with its GameCube console, backed and buoyed by the release of the new Zelda game Twilight Princess, slated for launch in late summer. Official double bundle packs featuring Resident Evil 4 and Mario Kart are also expected.

“You can expect significant reductions in the price of everything this Christmas, but most noticeable will be the PlayStation 2,” our well-placed source told SPOnG. “We'’ve been briefed to expect a price as low as £60 beginning at the start of December. Sony'’s probably looking at a global price cut around $100 in the States and a serious Platinum range announcement too.

Our source continued, 'Sony is aiming for total retail dominance at the time of the [Xbox] 360 launch. It'’s a spoiler move and is shaping up to be quite an effective one.

Expect an official announcement sometime in November. "

I heard rumors that all Gamecube items were going to be effectively half price around Christmas. I had not heard that Sony was planning something simular. This could be interesting. Now if gamers aren't ready for next-gen (or parents aren't ready to shell out the cash for it), this could put microsoft in a very comprimising position considering they have aready cut the price of the Xbox to the bone and have not made a penny of profit on the platform. With pricing this competitive, this Christmas could very well see the best sales ever of the current generation of systems.

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