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Friday, July 29, 2005

PS3 to Launch in 2007 if Xbox 360 Fails

PS3 to Launch in 2007 if Xbox 360 Fails

"According to analysts at Wedbush Morgan, seemingly still unable to lay off the crack pipe, the PlayStation 3 will ship in 2007 if the Xbox 360 fails to ignite the hardware market.
We expect Sony to defer a decision regarding PS3 launch until it is able to assess the likely success of the Xbox 360, and anticipate that Sony will make its decision shortly after the Xbox 360 launch. We do not expect the PS3 until mid 2006, at the earliest, and should Microsoft fail to garner sufficient software support to gain an insurmountable lead, we think that there is a possibility that the PS3 launch will slip into early 2007.
Of course, this stands in stark contrast with wider expectations, set by Sony at The PlayStation meeting last week (albeit off the record) that we’ll see at least a Japanese launch of PlayStation 3 in spring 2006.

Sony is keeping tight-lipped on this as you might expect, though SPOnG cannot help wonder if the analysts quoted above have any tangible concept of what it takes to launch a videogame platform. The entire process is a massive undertaking and cannot be decided upon a whim, as suggested.

From manufacturing to retail, PR to third-party publishing/developing, SPOnG would assert that it’s simply impossible to maintain a transient console launch strategy as Wedbush Morgan describes."

This makes perfect sense, honestly I think the Xbox 360 is just too little too soon. Don't get me wrong the technology in the 360 is excellent. Microsoft and Sony to some degree is forcing the development community to start work on the next generation of systems when they really just started to perfect development with the current generation.

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