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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Microsoft to launch Xbox with 100 titles in Japan

Microsoft to launch Xbox with 100 titles in Japan

"Microsoft will go on an offensive in Japan by launching its sleek new Xbox 360 video-game machine with more than 100 titles in time for the holiday shopping season at the end of the year.

Taking its battle with Japanese video-game leaders Nintendo and Sony to their home turf, the US software giant announced it would work with more than 50 Japanese firms to create titles for its new silver console.

Peter Moore, vice-president of Microsoft’s video-game marketing division, said that Japan was crucial for any game business and that Bill Gates’ company planned more titles exclusively for the Japanese market.

“A new generation of games is going to be born here in Japan,” he said.

With Sony dominating the home machine market with its PlayStation and Nintendo ruling over handheld consoles with its GameBoy, Microsoft is hoping to break into the crowded market by using its technical prowess."

Well I will take this at face value, but honestly I didn't realize there were even that many games in development to date. Now this may be true if you count the mini games through Xbox live.

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