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Thursday, July 28, 2005



"Enchant Arm storming onto Xbox 360. Official trailer inside

Already it seems that the Xbox 360 is more Japan-friendly than its Xbox forefather, and the darned thing isn't even released yet. Why do we say that? Well take a look at this first 360 offering from Otogi Japanese developer From Software.

Enchant Arm, a serious and deep RPG, was reportedly a highlight of the Xbox Summit event, with the official trailer (which can found by hitting this link) giving audiences a taste into the future. According to reports, the game stars an 18-year old magic/enchant student, who is learning how to turn ethers into golems as well as making objects stronger.

The game appears to boast a typically Japanese look, with a slightly surreal and futuristic setting. It should certainly be quite different to almost everything we've ever seen on an Xbox. Check out the above trailer link for the official Japanese site, which also has a few bits of artwork to peruse."

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