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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Verbatim has foot in both camps in Blu-ray and HD-DVD tussle

Verbatim has foot in both camps in Blu-ray and HD-DVD tussle

"Optical media developer Verbatim has announced plans to support the development of both Blu-ray and High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD) recordable and rewritable media. Both formats are expected to begin shipping in early 2006, when high-definition drives and recorders are expected to be released.

The pending release of both formats has for some time now been shaping up to be something akin to the battle for supremacy between VHS and Betamax when video recorders were introduced to the mass market.

The difference here is that both formats have a number of vendor supporters, as opposed to the early days of the VCR, where Betamax lost out because the technology was proprietary to Sony, which refused to licence it, while VHS was open to all manufacturers to produce devices. This ought to mean that the best technology will win the day, unlike the video wars, where Betamax was widely considered to be the superior technology." [more]

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