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Saturday, July 23, 2005

TriXie Interviews PGR 3's Chris Novak [Xbox 360]

TriXie Interviews PGR 3's Chris Novak

"Okay, this time I didn't even ask the questions … you did! Thanks to all the members of the Xbox® community who sent in questions for Chris Novak, a Design Director at Microsoft Game Studios assisting Bizarre Creations with efforts on Project Gotham Racing® 3. I met with Chris in his office here at Xbox headquarters. Although PGR™ 3 is being developed in Liverpool at Bizarre, there is a sizeable supporting team located here in Redmond. Martyn Chudley is the 'visionary,' and Chris's role is to help Martyn and Bizarre make the strongest game possible.

'The best thing I do for Martyn,' Chris said, 'is to push and help focus his design team, as I'm one step removed and can offer fresh perspective. Ideas bounce back and forth every day. I also leverage Microsoft design resources for Bizarre, evangelize their design vision to other Microsoft teams, assist with items such as vehicle dynamics, and work with teams like the Xbox Live® group on unique functionality that will benefit PGR 3. Really, I'm here to assist Bizarre with any design requests they have; they develop and build the game, I help polish and publish it. Don't ask about the frequent flyer mileage.'" [more]

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