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Monday, July 11, 2005

Xbox 360 Puts Gamer in Control

Xbox 360 puts gamer in control

"If you want the world to go gaga over your new videogame hardware, the best place to debut it is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3.

Microsoft jumped the gun this year and fully unveiled its next platform on MTV just days before E3, a move engineered to get the hype machine churning before the annual trade show in Los Angeles.

Instead, information came from Internet leaks and the MTV show itself. Once E3 came, there was little to show off and few exciting announcements were made. The Xbox 360, which will be released this fall, represents a mix of good news and scary possibilities.

Xbox 360 continues in the Xbox's footsteps by providing an all-purpose living room machine. It plays games, movies and CDs and allows much online customization. Players can create an online identity and manage their profiles, invite friends, play simple games in the gaming lobby and watch television while surfing Xbox Live. Different faceplates can be purchased to customize the console.

Other perks of the system include USB ports for cameras, a detachable 20GB hard drive and audio and video goodies. It comes loaded with powerful processors and lots of RAM, but all of these features are useless to a player if there aren't any good games for the console. Right now the 360's games look weak." [more]

By the title of this article it would appear Pro-Xbox 360, but the author Brett Elston goes on to say how the games did not appear to be all that fantastic. The Xbox 360 still has months to go until it is released, so I am sure Microsoft well be helping to polish the release titles. It just goes back to the question, is Xbox 360 too soon?

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