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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Could PlayStation 3 Play PC Games?

TransGaming Technologies

"TransGaming's roots are in Linux, with our flagship product Cedega. Very few games are developed natively for Linux but, with the global proliferation of Linux as a preferred operating system of choice, users are demanding the ability to play games.

Cedega allows Windows-based games to run on Linux, out-of-the-box, seamlessly and transparently. With Cedega, TransGaming does not require any access to a game's source code but, rather, runs the Windows executable on Linux. In simplified terms, Cedega loads a game's binary into memory on a Linux system and then dynamically links to code that provides an implementation of the Win32 APIs that the program is using. The APIs that Windows games are mostly built on top of are primarily based on Microsoft's DirectX system. These APIs include facilities for handling 3D graphics (Direct3D), mouse and keyboard input (DirectInput), audio (DirectSound), and so on. TransGaming works to create Linux compatible versions of these APIs that work on top of the Linux equivalents such as OpenGL, X11, and the OSS and ALSA sound APIs. An important attribute of Cedega is the complete support for third party engines and SDKs such as Bink, Lithtech, Miles, Havok, Renderware, etc. Cedega is the culmination of several years of effort on these API and our engineering team's knowledge of DirectX is probably second only to Microsoft's own."

Lets say you have a PS3 with the Hard Drive preloaded with Linux. Theoretically, with
Cedega by TransGaming, you could play a myriad of PC games as well as new ones on the way. Couple this with the numerous emulators available for Linux and the fact that Microsoft's new development platform is PC friendly, this very well could make the PS3 the king of all gaming libraries.

Anonymous Anonymous
1 word. slow  

Blogger D.Vader
Read the link, most games emulated run faster on Linux due to it's superior kernal.  

Anonymous Anonymous
what on earth makes you think Sony will allow you to run arbitrary code on the PS3?  

Blogger D.Vader
They won't have a choice if they use Linux. Unless they make their flavor of Linux lock out certain software.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Wine (Cedega) only runs on x86 processors, so no PC games on PS3.  

Blogger D.Vader
If they are making Linux for PS3, don't you think they will port some applications?  

Anonymous Anonymous
cedega runs fine in gentoox on xbox. The problem with xbox cedega and ps3 cedega is the lack of their respected linux's support of any video acceleration. All video output on both is software rendered no 3d at all. Transgaming does have a linux based software based 3d accelerator, but with the cap PS3 puts on its linux allowed resources, this will be slow.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I am surprised that SONY is not all over this. This would allow them to market their system as a true end-all for home computing. All they would need is to have a team of linux engineers build and update an easy to use package for ps3... oh wait.. Yellowdog... I wonder why they are not all over it.  

Anonymous A.M
Found this on internet, the answer maybe?

''See the simple but flawed logic: the PS3 runs Linux, the PC also runs Linux, so therefore why can't the PS3 run other PC things, like games?

Well, at that same level, it can. Install PPC Linux on your PS3 and the same distro's x86 Linux on your PC, then look under "Games" on both - tadaaaaa!

'Flow' also runs on both platforms - but I think you'll agree it was coded rather much better for the PS3, yes?''  

Anonymous Anonymous
no long, complicated, lingo filled rubbish, CAN THE PS3 PLAY PC GAMES WITH LINUX@ YES or NO?  

Anonymous Anonymous
Yes, but really, really badly.  

Anonymous Anonymous
i dont no about sid linux fing but u ave to fink about the speed and graphics cards and other stuff that pc games need to play the ps3 will hardly ave all those stuff and exacly like it says u need dont u fink  

Anonymous Anonymous
i just ran crysis on ps3 it was a little slow but ran just fin other wise  

Anonymous Anonymous
not to mention it only unlocks one core yeah know  

Anonymous thedad
will the ps3 play ps2 and ps1 games and i know that it plays blueray but will it play normal dvds  

Anonymous Anonymous
Only the 1st run of 20g and 60g can play 99.999999 of all ps1 and ps2 games. The ps3 also plays the correct region of DVDs.  

Anonymous Anonymous
can you play pc games on your xbox(original) and if so how  

Anonymous Anonymous
type slowly as I are a dummy  

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