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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 :: Interactive Video Games Experience

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C3 Exclusive | Another Nintendo Revolution Controller?

"We've seen a number of very unconvincing 'Revolution controllers' dotted about the Internet, but this one we received this morning has got our minds boggling.

It really does look very authentic. A simple interface of two main action buttons, a control stick, what looks like a start button and something labelled a 'Track Pak' all adorn the sleek, black controller. No information was supplied to accompany the image, so we can only hazard a guess that the this is some sort of means of registering controller movement and specific user interaction and will serve as the main revolution to the controller.

Legitimate or not? We're not saying this is the real thing, but it is a very good mock up if not. "

I am saying it's fake. I mean why would Nintendo send this info to Cubed 3D and only Cubed 3D. If you think it's real I have some excellent real estate in Florida I'd like to sell you.

Anonymous Rob
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