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Monday, July 04, 2005

PS3 Architectural Inspiration But No Built In Router

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PS3 Architectural Inspiration But No Built In Router

"The 6/20 bi-weekly issue of Nikkei Electronics features both the PS3 and Xbox 360 as a cover story. The magazine has a nicely written feature discussing all areas of the systems, targeting a more adult audience than what the Famitsu feature targeted. The magazine also reveals some interesting facts about the PS3.

One of the more interesting facts was that the PS3 was designed to resemble the well-known buildings in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills and Shiodome areas. The reasons behind this are unknown, but the system really does resemble the architecture if you take a look at it.

Nikkei Electronics also reveals that SCE originally intended to include router functionality with the PS3, using the three gigabit Ethernet sockets (one WAN and two LAN) on the system as seen at E3. However, SCE president Ken Kutaragi reveals that the company believes costs would be too high to implement a built in router, and since has been abandoned.

SCE expects you to use the WAN socket to connect your PS3 to your ADSL router , with the two LAN sockets connected to digital appliances. This will perhaps allow for HDTV content to stream between the appliances and the PS3. As for actual router functionality, the company believes it will be just as well for people to use the current router that's in their home."

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