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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Possession confirmed for Nintendo Revolution

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Possession confirmed for Revolution

"Ninty's next-gen console joins Blitz's zombie holocaust - shots inside

Blitz Games has added Nintendo's still secret Revolution to the list of next-generation consoles that are awaiting Possession, the only game that lets you see the effects of a zombie holocaust from the perspective of the shuffling mob.

Designed to work both on and offline, you will be able to take control of a necromantic overlord who orchestrates his undead horde, a hungry meatbag in solo pursuit of b-b-b-brains or play as a single hero gunning to stop the fleshy army taking over his world.

Although Blitz Games are yet to find a publisher for Possession, these shots of the possessor himself in action should reveal enough gore and guts to convince everyone to 'join us'.

Possession will be unleashed on PS3, Xbox 360 and Revolution" [screenshots]

Not sure if these are genuine screen shots. Considering the E3 Revolution was a hollow shell, I wouldn't bank on this being the final result. Which is good news, because these screens don't look so hot.

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