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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Square Enix Xbox 360 Update

Square Enix Xbox 360 Update

"In a recent IGN interview with Square Enix, several details were revealed concerning Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360:

- the game is approximately 55% through the development cycle, with all graphics work being completely finished.

- development on the 360 version of FFXI started around February or March of this year.

- the game was ported over from the Windows version with few problems.

- by E3, players could log into the game and play without major hangups.

- the game was originally planned to be available for the original Xbox, roughly one year after Xbox launched, and just in time for the launch of Xbox Live.

- the game is still on track for a release alongside the Xbox 360 launch later this year.

- the Xbox 360 version is expected to have everything PC and PS2 players already enjoy, and all future updates are hoped to be available simultaneously for all versions in the future.

More details are sure to surface at Microsoft's 360 press conference later this month. We'll keep you posted."

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