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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BioWare Working On 360 Titles

BioWare Working On 360 Titles

"IGN reports that BioWare is actively recruiting new employees for their Xbox 360 teams that are supposedly working on Jade Empire 2, and a first-person shooter-role-playing game hybrid:
A BioWare spokesperson told IGN two unannounced games are being developed by two different BioWare teams. BioWare has a total of four teams at work currently. Though the spokesperson wouldn't reveal which games they are, both Microsoft Game Studios Executive Shane Kim and BioWare team members have said in the past that Jade Empire 2 (working title) is definitely in development.

"We have a couple of Xbox 360 titles in development right now," said a BioWare spokesperson. "But we're recruiting across the board for all four development teams. We have two teams working on Xbox 360 titles, one team on Dragon Age (for the PC), and one on digital distribution, which is ongoing content created for Neverwinter Nights.""

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