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Monday, August 29, 2005

REV to use special DVD?

REV to use special DVD?

"A single message slices the blackness of the dark blinding me with a bright white light. I have received word that the Nintendo Revolution will possibly use a specially modified dual-layered DVD to keep piracy of Nintendo's games down.

We have heard by Nintendo before about a DVD being used but then that was quickly changed as Nintendo modified that statement to a '12 cm optical disc'. Is it possible that Nintendo and/or Nintendo's partners figured out a way to have a dual-layered DVD disc that loads quickly without a stutter between layer changes and keeps piracy down?"

Anonymous Anonymous
what are you guys talking about ?
did we not get the same thing with the gamecube ? Mini-DVD's not readable on standard PC DVD-Rom drives ?

thats no news, thats space-filling :-(  

Blogger D.Vader
Well it's news since it hasn't been announced before. It's more of a tid-bit. We strive to be complete here at TCW.  

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