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Sunday, August 28, 2005

SmartXX Xbox 360 Dissection / Mutilation

SmartXX Xbox 360 Dissection / Mutilation

By: Richard Allen

SmartXX, manufacturer of Xbox mod-chips have completely dissected a Xbox 360 Development Kit. They really tore the machine apart even removing the heatsink from the CPU. I am sure some of you are screaming blasphemy but this was in the quest of science and making the perfect mod chip. They released over 40 images in a directory off their website. Images are provided below.

Behold the Guts of the Mighty Xbox 360

SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360

SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360
SmartXX - Xbox 360 SmartXX - Xbox 360

Link: Index of /pictures/XeDK-smartxx

Anonymous Anonymous
whoa.... how much did you pay for the devkit?  

Anonymous Anonymous
Stupid. STUPID to post those pics. Dev kits are not OWNED by anyone but Microsoft. Dev's license them and MS can ask for their proprty back at any time. I hope you guys dodge a bullet, but I would imagine showing those pics and announcing you did what you did for a mod chip is a great way to be burned to the ground by lawyers. Now if this was a RETAIL box that is different, but its a dev box, and the rules don't apply in the same way.

That being said, looks cool! :)  

Anonymous Anonymous
You guys might be legally retarded. You do realize that the pictures you have posted have part numbers and serial numbers for the components in the box... which Microsoft will undoubtely have on file and be able to track down which box they belong to.  

Anonymous Anonymous
The serial is covered up with White-Out on the AC adapter, and I didn't see a serial on any of the other shots. The part numbers are probably the same in ever one of the hundreds of dev kits that are floating around out there, meaning that there's probably no way for MS to trace the unit back to a specific developer.  

Blogger D.Vader
SmartXX actually did the dissection of the box. We only posted the news.  

Anonymous Anonymous
LOL, what about "XB00473-009" that is clear as day in one of the pics, sure seems like a trackable number to me!


Anonymous Microsoft, Lords of Darkness
Thanks, anonymous!  

Blogger D.Vader

I really doubt that MS will care if they are getting more press to be quite honest.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Oooh, brillaint hackers! You must have screwdrivers, soldering irons, exactoknives and everything!! And you got pictures - hardcore, d00dz.

I mean seriously, WTF did these fucking morons learn from doing this?  

Blogger Morgan
Why's everyone so upset? Obviously we all came here to see it, but every post is basically "idiot". Who cares if they get busted somehow? Did we not want to see the pictures? Is it not their business if they want to get sued?

Man, relax.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Me detects a hint of jealousy amongst the ranks...  

Blogger D.Vader
SmartXX is a Mod Chip maker. They needed to dissect one to make a mod-chip!  

Anonymous Anonymous
I agree with what they did. I've had a modded xbox for the past 3 years and love it. I can't wait till the 360 is hacked and modded this time either.  

Anonymous Anonymous
When are u all going to learn that modding is cheating! If you have to modd your system it is because you are a horrible gammer and that is the only way the you will be able to win point blank period
Engel des Todes  

Blogger KaptainKill77
Modders have to have this info because it is the only way they know how to win. These people are not really gamers and never will be. They ruin it for everyone else that plays fair and square. What microsoft really needs to do is track modders who log on to xbox live drive to their house and beat them down with an energy sword and take their hardware away for ever.  

Blogger D.Vader
Modders make mods so you can load Non-MS stuff on the systems. IE: Windows on Xbox.

Not sure if this would be for cheating.  

Anonymous y2k1996
Vader: "Modders make mods so you can load Non-MS stuff on the systems. IE: Windows on Xbox."

And all these years I thought Windows WAS microsoft stuff, but I guess not :P  

Anonymous Anonymous
Hey KaptainKill77-
What r u like 13 and pissed off because u r a suckass gammer that can't afford a mod xbox? We all know they don't take WIC foodstamps, don't hate the player, hate the game. Save you milk money and maybe you will be able to buy one next year. FYI, most people who mod their boxes main interest is not cheating at gamming. It to unlock the power of the boxes to do other things as well... so shutthefup... Keep the dev going SmartXX...  

Anonymous Anonymous
Funny how I wanted a modded xbox, but then I found out your xbox live portion won't I chose not to do it. although the insides of 360 look interesting. I would rather see it in action...than see the inerds.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah the modded xbox is pretty cool, I got linux on my machine. It was a pretty cool idea at first, being able to run emulators and what not. But I think I should have waited until I got to play a little on Live before I did it.  

Blogger D.Vader
"And all these years I thought Windows WAS microsoft stuff, but I guess not"

I meant like Linux :)  

Anonymous Anonymous
May I say that modders really tick me off have of them are daddys lil boys who have no job and can get anything they want, but you kinda have to be relativlly smart, ok well i hope all those modders get caught and stuff cuzz cheating ruings all the fun in games  

Anonymous Anonymous
your all a bunch of retards to not like modding

why the hell would you even bother reading this if u weren't interested

don't stick your nose into other peoples business if u don't like what they are doing  

Anonymous Anonymous
"ok well i hope all those modders get caught and stuff cuzz cheating ruings all the fun in games"

what cheating? is this a modding discussion or a wallhack/aimbot discussion? modding has jack shit to do with cheating. and the fact that u can use trainers on a modded xbox still has no interference on another persons game anyway. dumb***  

Anonymous Anonymous
MS will no doubtedly follow up on this at some stage naturally, as it will ANY modding applications. The Xbox360's appearence heralds their (MS) attack on modders, and even though it will be hard to stop modders, they (MS) will be pursuing using strong measures to ensure safe and equal use of the new Xbox Live accounts for Xbox360 for ALL it customers.

And rightly so actually.

They are allowing and encouraging anyone to create mods in games anyhow, getting developers to build in certain tools to allow mdding of some games, create skins, NPC's etc etc andtrade/sell/etc on the Xbox360 MarketPlace. So why bother modding the 360 in the first place. It's an awesome console as it is, it's a very powerful unit as it strands right now, has a larger HDD than before, and will have larger capacity options later.

The HDD will really only be needed for multi media use, but will be used where possible by developers of course for their games, but it won't be a "must have" to play games.

Game software will have certain measures buikt into them to stop incorrect use from the madding community. This has already been discussed by several developers etc in the press, so the question remains, why mod in the first place.?.

Oh that's rioght . . . . sure, I forgot, just because you can . . . and it's your God Given Right to do so . . blah blah blah - etc etc etc. . I know that much already okay, but what purpose would it serve ? seriously . . ?

It's a valid question okay . . so why ??

What are you (modders) planning on having the Xbox360 do by modding it anyway, fly?

You need only check sources on the net to see they (MS) are getting very serious about modders now, with several being taken to court recently. So it begs to ask the question, why risk possible jail and heavy fines if caught.

And especially considering you are making a companies IP readily available to the public "prior to launch", which is tandimount to suicide really, and could well be considered by legals as reverse enginering, and is thus pursuable by the courts. Check the by-laws please !

No doubt the "Final" units will be different in some areas to these we see here. And while I do applaud your expertize, do be bloody careful, we wouldn't want to read about you in the next CNet news report about "some modders" being sued for breach of copywrite and IP infringements laws etc.


Anonymous Anonymous

Blogger Kalroy
I think we have a vocabulary problem here. The original definition of mod/modder was hacking the hardware on a console via dongle or soldered chip.

Recently, however, modding is what hacking into the software of a gamesave (very prevalant in Halo2) to cheat, utilizing something along the lines of Gameshark; though I'm not sure how it is done, I grew out of that back in the Bard's Tale 2 era.

I have, however, gotten to witness someone playing on XBox Live using the "mod" cheat to move incredibly fast and auto-aim. If you ever see it, you'll understand why people hate cheaters, but modding an XBox to run another OS or to change some of the hardware is not the same thing.


Anonymous Simon


So did anyone actually learn anything from these pictures anyway? Or is it just something to say "look what we managed to get our hands on"?  

Blogger shmish111
These cheaters just use mod chips as a tool. They will always cheat, and mod chips are not the only way. Personally I don't even use xbox live but I put a mod chip in my xbox to make it a brilliant media computer. I can watch DVDs with a really good player without buying a dongle (which I think MS should have included like the PS2 anyway), I can watch DivX movies, put my music on with a 160GB hard drive and play copied and import games. Some of these things might be a little moraly incorrect but I don't cheat gamers, just the games and movie (DivX) manufacturers who are very rich anyway. I'm not doing MS out of anything except the DVD dongle. I happen to like MS and view them as an almost Robin Hood company (I don't know if americans know who he was)? To a certain extent they take from the rich and middle classes and give to the poor (biggest charity donations etc). Finally, what's this gguy on about " May I say that modders really tick me off have of them are daddys lil boys who have no job and can get anything they want" how does he get this, part of the point of modding is that it's way cheaper than buying the genuine games!  

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous
wtf....what is with you people saying they will get caught cause microsoft will look their info up in their file, and revoke their dev kits......Read the news article, 10 Dev kits were reported missing, 3 were recovered, that leaves 7 more on the loose, smartxx didn't get these boxes how will microsoft take their dev boxes ? not without a warrant(at least here in the states)  

Anonymous Anonymous
what are you people talking about? you think modding an xbox is to cheat? well your wrong. its the best thing ever. you can store your games in the hardrive. applications that you can use to browse around the net. microsoft should be giving the credit and money for the hackers that pulled off the applications they did for the xbox. microsoft took those ideas they did and use it for the xbox360. you have a modded xbox. you should know what im talking about. basically its like this. we already have an xbox360 just not with better graphics and other applications they added in. stop complaining and stop using it for an excuse for cheating. remember its just a VIDEO GAME. SMARTXX go ahead and do your thing for the next gen. of hacking.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I am sick of fucking cheaters on Xbox Live. When I get my 360, I WILL have the stats that I WANT to have, not stats that are controlled by modders and cheaters. I hate all forms of modders. I don't give a damn what the mod chip is for. If you don't think that the product has enough memory space, or if you don't think that the graphics are good enough, then don't buy the motherfucker! Modding is for flaming homosexuals who aren't good enough to beat anyone at any game.*(by this i mean cheating)  

Anonymous Anonymous
if any of you guys have played on XboxLive, you would actually know what you're talking about. modded Xbox's contributed to probably around 90% of the cheating in the game. Before you post something stupid which you don't know about, take a second and picture this.

This person HAS TO have a modded box to do this, basically they get their game on their harddrive, which is innocent IMO. Then they edit the content, change values, modify, hack.. etc etc. If you guys that are telling people that modding has nothing to do with hacking saw some of the things I've seen people do, you wouldn't post stupid comments telling people other-wise. People using sniper-rifles that shoot grenades/rockets. SMG's shooting rockets at the same firing rate as an SMG does. people walking around with weapons that do more damage to opponents, damage resistant characters. etc etc.

how is all this possible? mod-chips... so, while i think that modding isn't so bad on a personal level, there are always those people that take it another step further and ruin a good thing.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Actually, the Norwegian Microsoft Windows boss went on record with the following statement a cpl weeks back:

"Microsoft is not "very negative" to you mofifying your xbox. - Technically you have bought it, and it is your property, so if you want to put christmaslights on it, install a 300gb harddrive and hang it from the roof, that is your choice. - It is only when you start adding pirated games, movies, music etc. things get complicated ....."

So ... : trackback  

Anonymous Anonymous
Approx 90% of these comments are posted by fucking morons. God damn, does it hurt?

I guess not, if it did you'd stop being fucking morons.

Bah. Humbug!

And, in order to make good modchips they need to know the hardware. So way to go SmartXX.  

Anonymous Anonymous
OK.. If you mod your Xbox, you can cheat in multiplayer. You can abuse the chip to gain an advantage over others. But modchips arent made for cheating. They are made to improve your xbox to a mini computer (which they really are.)

So why shouldnt people be able to do this because some wankers abuse it to cheat. There will allways be a possibility to cheat one way or another.

If I buy an Xbox 360 and get it modded.. sit down, and copy all my games over, and some music.. and some movies, take my brand new modded xbox over to my frend and sit down with him and play. Whats wrong with that?

You CAN use the modchip to cheat, but you Can also use an axe for armed robbery.. should we ban axes too?

Personally i Have no experience with xbox live, and are posting it from my point of view. But i have experience with cheaters from pc games, and know how frustrating it can be.

the sad thing is that there will probably come a person later telling "how wrong I am" and "why we should ban modchips", followed by a person saying what an idiot that guy was again.. and so it will go on forever.



Anonymous ZappereN
Good job smartxx... I don't understand the person who said modding are cheating? When I modded my xbox wasnt that because im a bad gamer.. I just wanted to run xbmc f.ex.
So way to go smartxx..
Continue the good work!  

Anonymous Torbjørn, Norway
okay, all you whiners stfu. if someone manages to create a decent mod to xbox 360 I will probably consider to actually buy it. NOT to cheat, but to be able to install different os, watch movies (divx), copy my games over to the hd and such.
those who use a modded console to cheat choose to do this. its not the creators fault, so stfu!  

Anonymous patrick
i heard that u could connect your xbox 360 to your crt-monitor with a dvi? is this coorect?  

Anonymous Anonymous
I have a modded xbox.. and I dont use my xbox to play games so much.. I use it as a media center with XBMC on it. Its the perfect machine to watch movies on(Divx,xvid,etc.), play music at partys and so on.. Perhaps I play sometimes Super Mario Bros 3 on the nintendo emulator on the modded xbox.. but the only reason I got my xbox is to make it a Media Center.. not for games. I really dont play games that much.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Good point, I did the same. The xbox makes a great media center ! I do not have one single game for my xbox I only use it for media center purposes and I do belive that this is one of the main reasons people are modding them (also for putting games on the hdd but..)

And it runs linux which makes it possbile to make more or less whatever you want of the box :) I you have programming skills that is.

I cant wait to see what the media center for the 360 is going to be like.

Btw. anybody know if the 360 comes with a SSE3 CPU ?  

Anonymous Anonymous
quote "patrick
i heard that u could connect your xbox 360 to your crt-monitor with a dvi? is this coorect?"

You can only connect it via VGA, they said that they might make one dvi support later when there was more intrest in DVI/HDVI  

Anonymous Anonymous
Lmao...what a bunch of idiots posting here. It's dissected to find out how they can modify the hardware to make it usable with copied games, put different OS's on, play movies (divx,xvid etc.), run rom emulators (amiga,gameboy,sega,c64,Arcades, Nintendo, Supernintendo etc).
This has NOTHING whatsoever to do with cheating in games.



Anonymous Anonymous
I think i might have learned something frome these pictures...Microsoft should have removed any identification marks from the Dev kit's components to make it a little harder for people like SmartXX to create mod chips this early on. this has been done in the past. if nothing in the box can be identified, well, take a guess.

that aside. way to go SmartXX :)

Mod chips are just brilliant. My Xbox is modded for a number of reasons, like faster save/load, reduced wear on the DVD drive (friends have worn out several DVD drives in their Xbox), emulators, DVD playback, larger HDD drive and so on.

as for cheating...i couldn't care less. i never play online, except with my friends on closed servers. we never cheat, and IF we do we are banned from the clan. that means we ALWAYS get a good, rewarding gaming session. And no, i'm not talking about closed servers for xbox. PC only :)  

Anonymous Anonymous
well its really cool if it come modchip for the 360 to so the homebrew devs also can show the power of 360 and if you see eks the power on the 360 will i guess can run alot of emulators and that stuff:D Greate Work!  

Anonymous Anonymous
Bitches & Hoe´s.. Xbox 360, NOT modded. The only way to go.  

Anonymous Anonymous

who the fuck hacks theyr console for cheating in games? I mean, that comment must come from people who hasn't seen/tried xbmc. Have you seen a xbox with xbmc you'd get the idea of why console gets hacked ...

And to you who said you cant play xbox live! with a modchip? Get your ass updated retard! Install a switch, and play live! all day loong. Incompentent idiots, damnit!  

Anonymous Anonymous
Hmm.. I think it looks like old pieces of hardware. Seriously.. look at all the wasted green space on those boards! Looks like a 286 or something similar..  

Anonymous tobbe
do you people have a seriously brain damage ?.. posting bad comments to guyes who realy just trye to develope a console ..
And if someone thinks moding chips are cheating thats fine .. but most of the chip is not for cheats its for letting the machine do things they normaly cant do .. like play burned cds etc.. i give creds to those who take theyr time to explore new consoles .. be possitve they are doing it for the gamers ..  

Anonymous BEYOND
No puedo ver las fotos... :-(
(I can't see the pics)  

Anonymous Anonymous
Holy shit...biggest bunch of fucking retards. MODDING IS NOT CHEATING!!! They have nothing to do with eachother  

Anonymous Anonymous
Modding is not Cheating. The most intesting thing in here is look at the guts of this console, the hardware is very interesting, specially the bus connecting the CPU and the main chips , the memory module has an intesting reading:

samsung 522

1- K=Samsung Memory
2- 4=DRAM
4,5- 52= 512M, 8K/32 (Density and Refresh)
6,7- 32= x32 (Organization)
8- 2= 2 Banks
9- 4= LVTTL (3.3V, 3.3 V ) (Interface VDD, VDDQ)
**** things get interesting in this two, i can't read if is DC or 0C
but it's not in the samsung graphic memory nomenclature

10- D= 5th Gen 0- Inexistent Info
C= 4th Gen C- Inexistent Info on nomenclature

11- B= 136 FBGA, Lead Free (packarge Type)
12- C= comercial Normal (Temperature & Power)
13,14- 12= 1.25ns (800Mhz)

so if anyone can gave some info on those 2 strange number on nomenclature will be nice...  

Blogger IcoNyx
I have read all I can read so here is my 2 bits. I read several posts of some obviously nubies complaining that they get the crap beat out of them and then blame modders... let me 'splain somethin' I have a modded xbox, and you know what, that mod chip is exactly what prevents me from playing on xbox live. THATS RIGHT! I cant play on xbox live. that is because there are a series of checks in place that prevent me from entering xbox live with a mod chip. now this brings me to my second point, in order to chear I have to have my mod chip enabled. ergo, I cheat: I dont play on xbox live. so get this through your puney/thick skulls: you got your ass beat by a superior player, not because he was cheating, but because you ether:
A> Suck
B> Really Suck
C> cant hit the broad side of a barn at point blank range
D> dont know how to duck and cover.
E> Really, really suck
now back to your regularly scheduled rant.  

Anonymous BEYOND
[Alguien mandeme las imagenes]
Please someone give me the images, send me ( because I don't see the images because the name files contains "xxx" and my server block any URL that contains "xxx". Thanks.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I think that this idea of hacking consoles although is inevitable, and perhaps funny, is unacceptable. If you want to make piracy grow, then buy those chips.

I'm a firmware developer, and I can tell you, you could easily blow your console with one 'modchip'. That's because most of the microprocessors and DSPs have internal code that only professional hackers can read and understand.

It's simply insane developing modchips. You guys better move on to 'making' your own console instead of 'hacking' others design. Are you somehow ¿incompetent?.

We are sick of hackers, we receive tons of stupid code every day through the net and also we buy cheap but unfortunately of poor quality hacked hardware. Please get conscious of this serios problem.

We don't need to see the pictures of a dissecated console to hack designs. We prefer making a world wide project for developing a legal 'open hardware' console...  

Anonymous God
Esto les viene bien a los de MS seguro  

Anonymous Anonymous
Para ver las imagenes prueba a entrar desde este webproxy:

No debes de tener ningun problema... (a menos que también tengas privada la palabra ass ;-))  

Anonymous Anonymous
You left not one, not two, and not three ID codes, but FIVE different IDs:

DVD: X800473-009
Motherboard: X800351-001
Argon DV3: X803251-001 02260010541530
Board: X806033-001 1792 XEDK-1 Rev.A 2603354106375322
"Almost" whited-out: Sidecar EVT4 583890 0412532

The funniest part is that "almost" whited-out. You know, there is something called "select" and "color fill", much better than painting over with an alpha brush.  

Blogger CPL Smithers
Anyone who says that the part numbers shown are trackable are dumbasses! If you looked on ANY Microsoft box, CD or any other piece of crap they make can find a part number. They aren't trackable, and they're always there!

Shut up now.  

Anonymous ripper1967
who thinks you can not cheat in multiplayer on modded xbox1 live/connect.... think again!!!.. shit man!.. really omfg!


Anonymous Anonymous
omfg, anyone that says modding is for cheating is a f***ing retard.
the 360 is a powerhouse that NEEDS to be exploited. compare the price of the 360 to the price of its parts. if you tried to build one of those for yourself you would end up with an expensive as f*** computer. the 360 is a bargain-bin pc. INTELLIGENT college kids, rejoice  

Anonymous Bedde
Hey all u dickheads out there that say modding is cheating and all that crap if we didn't have mods we wouldnt be able to play better games and play burned games
who gives a fuck if you say it is fucking "cheating" cos' ur paying for da mod so its fucking honest!!!!
if you say it cheating then ur a WIMP!!!  

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous
Free porn:  

Anonymous Anonymous
hahaha... i love how you guys go nuts when we own you in the stats. haha hackers for life. i have hacked every game i have played, from cheating in halo on xbox live, to hacking world of warcraft, to stealing world of warcraft accounts and deleting them, to hacking in counter-strike , getting every xbox and 360 game for free cause the hack allows it to play on xbox live. yes you can do that with the 360, if you have a little bit of smarts and can read some tech forums, you can hack the firmware and play all backups of every xbox 360 game ONLINE. hahahaha, hacking for life. screw all you little bitches who cant do it.  

Anonymous Anonymous
^^ I love people that try to talk big, and really dont have a clue. Like this previous poster. Yes i know you can hack the xbox1 and xbox360 dvd frimware to play backups on live, and i have followed the development for sometime. But I can clearly see you dont even have the intelect to write a coherant paragraph. Let alone hack the firmwares yourself :) . And one more thing. Anyone who thinks mod chips = cheating, know less than this previous poster about modding/xbox dev. So many kiddies these days. Do some reseach, then you will not look so bad.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I know this has nothing to do with you ppl and your going to laugh because its so easy how the hell do u save games to the Xbox360?  

Anonymous Anonymous
Moding For cheating in games ? mods are done to use your own homebrew software,etc.. and to "back up" Your discs to the xbox HDD and to beable to upgrade the HDD. ppl who complain and whine about moding are people who wish they had theres moded, but 2 stupid to figure out how!  

Anonymous Anonymous
Crikey boys some of you really want to grow up! If you can't think of an intelligent post that doesn't insult someone don't bother posting! jesus!

Yes, Piracy does hurt the industry BUT so do outrageusly expensive 'Ps2 clone' games. I bought Oblivion and would have done so even if the chip was available now.

I for one am looking forward to a propper Mod Chip for the 360 because i am drooling at the thought of a propper unrestricted XBMC instead of the POS WMV only Media Center that Microsoft provide! 3 powerful chips all for DVDISO/HD TV decoding...mmmm...oooh hang on i think i need a toilet break!

BTW in the meantime track down 'transcode 360' for transcoding divx straight to Xbox 360.  

Life can be boring as hell and Mr. Gates has more than enough money. My Mod people keep up the great work!!!!!

My Mod people please dont worry about the serial numbers because no one really cares about a white box w/chips and plastic and other stupid stuff inside.

Just keep doing your thing and make as much money as you can in this life then go back to the dust which we all came from.

(Two hundred) years from now now one thing on this boring earth is going to care.

Moral of this the stupid stuff that im writting is DONT WORRY BE HAPPY. ....BE HAPPY NOW. (MY MOD PEOPLE)  

Continued- I forgot to mention that you want to pray that your sins are forgiven then go back to dirt in which we all came from.

woooooooooHEEEEEEEEEEEE.. Im glad I cleared that up because the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS would have done the do.  

Anonymous Anonymous
kaptainkill and engel des todes you are completely and most utterly retarded modding isnt only for cheating your just cry baby bitches who should die  

Anonymous Anonymous
Wow Thats quite amazing what they did gratz to them, and as for modders? Well the word is manipulated as it is. I say Modder most say Cheater. Some forms of modding are yes cheating but other forms are just curiosity and enjoyment. I think its great you can watch DVDs on your xbox or play and run emulations, but don't say modding all out is just cheating. I understand the frustration of some gamers playing games like Halo 2 where people soft and hard mod things in the game to have an unfair advantage, but Microsoft will deal with them. As for the people like SmartXX gratz to you.  

Anonymous Anonymous
People are STUPID! Durrr just cause you mod your system doesnt mean your a cheater DURRR that is called hacking not moding learn you freaking terms. often enough you have to mod to hack but you dont have to hack to mod. Most chipped xboxs are mainly for those who want to play offline (cause you will get caught if you go online) wih copied games.  

Anonymous Anonymous
ok if they paid for the box it now belongs to them and they can do what they will with it.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Wow u guys are all eratarded, i modded my xbox just to put leds in it and make it look cool, that is also a type of mod, is that cheating nooooo!!  

Anonymous Anonymous
I work as a developer for the 360, let me tell you all that there are cheaters out there. This month alone we have banned 80 people worldwide from "Live". If you play COD4 online you can recognise the cheats immediately. They play showing "Offline". However, they only play 2-3 games in each lobby.
Don't be tempted to use the cheats that are available, we have players online 24/7 who monitor whilst playing the games, be warned you will be banned from playing online.  

Anonymous Anonymous
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous Anonymous
Just to put all your minds at risk, I used to work for microsoft and have owned a dev kit. Microsoft do not care that this is going on as long as it is not too often. As they see it it is more advertising for them and the more people that buy the xbox to chip it means the more money goes into their pocket.

Just to let you know though they have now upgraded some of the parts in the dev kit to the pictures shown. I am not allowed to say for obvious reasons but if u happen to get hold of a 2009 model youll see what I mean.

Good pics though :D  

Blogger Adi
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