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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gamers Prefer PS3, [Xbox] 360

Gamers Prefer PS3, 360

"When Ziff Davis Media (you know, the people who own 1UP) plopped the results from their annual Digital Gaming in America study in my lap, hours upon late night hours were spent sorting out statistics and slides, and we came away with a slew of interesting bits about gamer's attitudes towards next-generation.

Before we move on, the basics. This blind study was conducted by the Strategy Group using natural selection via telephone, projected to the entire US and took place from May to July of this year. 1,558 total surveys were collected during this three month span.

Now, onto what matters! 37% are considering purchasing a PlayStation 3 over the next 12 months, with Xbox 360 close behind with 34% and Revolution trailing at 14%. That's a surprising jump for Microsoft, considering the study found only 30% owned an Xbox compared to 51% with a PlayStation 2. If this study's an indication, they've made some serious ground in the minds of gamers this past generation." [more]

Anonymous Lectoid
"37% are considering purchasing a PlayStation 3 over the next 12 months"

I don't see how this is possible considering only, at best, we won't even see the PS3 on the shelves for another 6 months.  

Blogger D.Vader
Its a Poll.  

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