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Friday, August 05, 2005

Namco kicks Love Football to Xbox 360

Namco kicks Love Football to Xbox 360

"Namco has kicked in some new details on their upcoming soccer game, Love Football for the Xbox 360. The next-generation soccer game will include plays that can be made from the player's point of view and hot graphics to make the screen sizzle.

Love Football already includes detailed player models, with leathery skin and agonizing emotions. The grassy field includes multi-textured blades of grass for a non-astroturf look.

Namco is currently developing an American-style action game, Frame City Killer, for the Xbox 360's launch in North America.

Most recently, the company released details on the flagship racer sequel, Ridge Racer 6. Retailers like EB Games have pegged the game for a fall release.

The Xbox 360 is scheduled to retail for around $299 when it drops in November. The games will be marked at retail price of $59.99."

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