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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sony PS3 Fans need to Buy a Microsoft Xbox 360?

Sony PS3 Fans need to Buy a Microsoft Xbox 360?

"Based on an analyst report circulating this week that Sony might delay the Sony PS3 launch to 2007 if the Microsoft Xbox 360 is a flop. Continuing this thought one could think this would imply that Sony PS3 fans should buy a Xbox 360 to make sure they get a Sony PS3 in 2006.

My opinion is that it will not be that easy for Sony. The Microsoft Xbox 360 will most likely be a hit. Halo 3 and Xbox Live are just some of the hot arguments for the Xbox 360. More discussions on this topic on Slashdot.

In other news the Xbox 360 launch date for Europe has been apparently set to November 25th reports The US Xbox 360 launch date is rumored a to be either November 4th, or around the 20th [sources indicate the 25th]. The UK Xbox 360 pricing rumored ar supposed to be around $500, which is extremely high compared to the $299 rumored for the Xbox 360 US pricing."

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