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Friday, September 09, 2005

Gamers to lobby Microsoft about 360 titles

Gamers to lobby Microsoft about 360 titles

"BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY from one console generation to the next is turning into one of the niche issues with the current crop of new consoles, with both Microsoft and Sony promising it, and Nintendo going as far as to say it will run its legacy games on the Revolution.

However, all is not as straight forward as it seems – Microsoft, for example, has said that the Xbox 360 will be backwards compatible with the "best selling games" as Volesoft doesn’t think it has either the time or the inclination to convert all its Xbox titles to the 360.

So in the run up to release when the old titles will be beginning down the road of conversion grass roots support for various games is beginning to spring up in order to lobby Microsoft to convert people’s favourite games to Xbox 360.

In this battle for backwards compatibility has launched its own poll in order to see what games they'll be lobbying Microsoft to make backwards compatible. Where one goes, the rest follow and we don’t doubt we’ll be seeing more mainstream gaming media outlets following suit and launching campaigns of their own to ensure that office favourites make it to the Xbox 360 unscathed.

As for us here on INQ, we're voting for TimeSplitters: Future Perfect and The Punisher [hold on, what about Voodoo Vince? -Ed]. Come on Microsoft, you know you want to."

Anonymous Anonymous
Personally, I don't care about backwards compatability. Is it really important? I mean think about it, If you've got an Xbox game, unless you made a mistake, you probably have an Xbox as well, so just store it in your closet, until you suddenly have an urge to play with the last generation. Personally, I'm looking forward, not backwards. However, this is only my humble opinion, and I'm sure MANY will disagree. Anyways, I'll still get the 360, and if I suddenly have an extreme craving for an old game, then I'll just lug the old monster out. Anyways, thanks, I'm out, and thanks for listening.  

Blogger Brinstar
For Japanese people, backwards compatibility is important because of living space issues. They simply don't have the room for yet another console. Since the Xbox doesn't sell well in Japan, anyway, the issue of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is moot. In Japan.

I would imagine that a lot of Americans might feel the same way about space, too.  

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