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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

NFS Makes Xbox 360 Launch, PGR 3 Launches 2nd Wave

NFS Makes Xbox 360 Launch, PGR 3 Launches 2nd Wave

In a recent visit with Electronic Arts, TalkXbox spoke directly with EA developers about the launch of PGR3 vs. the Launch of NFS: Most Wanted. The developers at EA do not expect PGR3 to make the Xbox 360 launch. This leaves the window open for NFS: MW. So far Microsoft has not confirmed PGR 3 as a launch title. One would think they would want to space NFS and the PGR titles apart.
"I asked about PGR3 and how they are planning to market Most Wanted with another racing title launching so close. The answer: most everyone there at EAX doesn’t expect PGR3 to make launch. Microsoft has apparently been giving EA all the help they can give with getting Most Wanted out at launch (which they are on track to do), and they wouldn’t be doing that as much as they are if they had their own racing game ready for launch. Also, PGR3 is very ambitious, and from what they’ve seen it won’t make launch. Most of them expect it to be in the second wave of 360 titles, along with Gears of War."
Link: Need for Speed: Most Wanted Community Day: Day 1 Recap Editorial

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