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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Should You Buy An Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

Should You Buy An Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

"Is the Xbox 360's hard drive really a valuable extension of the system, vital to your experience, or is it more like the PS2's hard drive, which was expensive and virtually ignored by every game besides Final Fantasy?

Should you buy a hard drive with your Xbox 360?

The Internet has been abuzz lately with discussion on this very topic. Comments by Bethesda and Epic Games have been sighted as evidence both for and against the reasons that every gamer is going to want the 20 gigabyte hard drive of Microsoft's platinum system. To help decide the issue as best we can before it actually launches, we've sat down to discus the pros and cons of the Xbox 360 hard drive. Should you put your money into it? That's what we're trying to decide." [more]

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