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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Xbox 360: Tough to Hack?

Xbox 360: Tough to Hack?

During the many presentations and lectures at GDC Europe 2005, Andre Vrignaud (Xbox Platform Strategy Group) had some interesting comments about the ability to mod the Xbox 360. According to the article on He seems to think it will be some time before the console is unlocked.
"When ending the talk, Vrignaud also took a couple of questions from the audience on esoteric topics, revealing that, though the Xbox 360 has a virtual keyboard, it does also support USB keyboards. More interestingly, a question from an audience member on the security for Xbox 360 in terms of 'mod chips' and other devices that modify for imported/illegal content prompted a reply that Microsoft took 2 and a half years on security this time round, whereas the Xbox only had around a year. Vrignaud prompted: "Never say never", but he thinks it's going to be a long time before the Xbox 360 gets modded."
So is this a warning or a challange? Microsoft has spent countless man-hours and millions of dollars on security for years. I doubt if this will phase anyone trying to hack the 360. Hackers will probably see this as an invitation.

Source: GDC Europe 2005: Integrating Xbox 360-Specific Features Into Games

Anonymous John Woznack
Vrignaud prompted: "Never say never", but he thinks it's going to be a long time before the Xbox 360 gets modded.

Blogger D.Vader
Yeah we covered that...

BUT, they have not created a MOD Chip - YET!  

Anonymous Anonymous
It Has been hacked but the people were caught while playing Gears of War on live.Afterward they were kicked off of live forever.How do I know U ask?????????I wuz one of them? Believe me if u want dont if u dont but i was one of 4 it took to hack the 360 but I wasnt caught lol someone else played in my place on his account.  

Anonymous Anonymous
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