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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Treasure 2D Game Slated for Xbox 360

Treasure 2D Game Slated for Xbox 360

"Interesting news breaking this morning, as it transpires that beloved developer Treasure will be making software for Xbox 360. In fact, it’s already started a project.

The studio, famed for Radiant SilverGun, GunStar Heroes, and most recently Ikaruga, will be sticking to its two-dimensional roots, releasing what sounds like an impressively large 2D game.

“There is no major difference in terms of gameplay for the games that we develop regardless of whether it is for console or handheld because they are all based on 2D action,” a Treasure spokesman told EGM, raising hopes of a game being seen within the launch window of the Xbox 360 - hopes that were quickly dashed. “..we take pride in developing our games with an elite and dedicated staff, which is small, so it will take longer to develop an Xbox 360 title,” the man from Treasure concluded.

As Sony was the blight of 2D gaming, Microsoft and Nintendo may well be its saviours. Sony is by far the worst offender, its short-sighted QA and licensing procedures actively removing a publisher’s ability to create in anything but three dimensions. Sony even refused to green-light Team17’s Worms for many months, a game that went on to be one of the biggest-selling first generation PlayStation titles." [more]

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