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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Xbox Live 2.0 Details Revealed

Xbox Live 2.0 Details Revealed

"When the Xbox 360 was first announced, one of the many questions fans had was about Microsoft's online strategy. During the Xbox 360's official reveal on MTV months ago, we were told about two new Live packages - Gold and Silver - but details beyond that were non-existant.

Finally, new details have emerged. The Silver package is indeed free straight out of the box. Using the Silver package, users will have access to the Xbox Marketplace where they can download game trailers and demos. They can also create an online profile and leave messages for other Live users.

To play games online, however, you'll need to upgrade to the Gold Package. A one-month subscription will cost $7.99, $2 more than the current Live fee. A three-month subscription will cost $19.99, saving you $4 had you bought three separate one-month subscription. There is also a bundle kit for $39.99 that includes three-months, a headset, a $10 rebate on a game, 100 Marketplace points, and a copy of Joust from the Xbox Live arcade library.

For a full 12-month subscription, you'll need to shell out $49.99. Another bundle for $20 more also includes a headset, 200 Marketplace points, and a $20 game rebate. Both are available at and, but both offer different extras in the bundles. Gamestop keeps Joust while EBgames opts for the Xbox Live arcade game Billiards and an extra month of Gold free.

Microsoft has mentioned that existing Live users can transfer their accounts to Gold, but they haven't mentioned how yet."

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