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Sunday, October 30, 2005

10/29 Secret 360 peripheral? Nope, battery charger

Secret 360 peripheral? Nope, battery charger.

"This past Thursday, Microsoft released a video expounding upon each of the Xbox 360’s officially-licensed accessories in detail. It’s definitely a wealth of knowledge for anyone unfamiliar with the system’s add-ons, but what’s most intriguing about the video is the tower-like structure pictured front and center that Microsoft neglects to mention at any point during the video. What’s more, a quick perusal of the 360’s accessory page returns nothing that matches the device’s physical description. What could this peripheral be, you ask? Well, unless you went out of your way to ignore the post’s headline, you’d infer that it’s the charging station for the controller’s external batteries, which are expected to pack 25 hours of play time per charge. Those of you who wondered can wonder no more, and as for the rest of you, well, get your mind out of the gutter." [link]

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